Photo of Anh at Sedona, AZ

My name is Anh Tran. I currently work as a Software Engineer at Google. I received my Ph.D. (2014) & M.S. (2011) from the University of Arizona, and my B.S. (2009) from Oregon State University.

In graduate school, I focused primarily on Artificial Intelligence (AI) research. I dabbled in all things AI in my first few years, including work in cognitive architecture, computer vision, robotics, and machine learning. In the end, I focused primarily on natural language processing and information extraction. My dissertation topic involved using information acquired from large collections of text documents to help identify latent scene attributes, such as mental states of actors, in videos (VLSA).

In my free time, I enjoy the usual temptations: video games, movies, sports, etc.. Once upon of time, I was a decent basketball player and played competitive table tennis. I have now transitioned to pool/billiards. (And of course, I love programming.)

Take a look around, something might peak your interest.

Anh Tran