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20 Jun 2014

PhD Graduation Photo Book View Comments  «  personal 

Pictures from my PhD graduation at UA (May 2014).

24 Apr 2014

Doctoral Oral Defense Announcement View Comments  «  work 

Please join me on April 30th, 2014 for my doctoral oral defense.

24 Feb 2014

Preparing for a Google [Phone] Interview View Comments  «  work 

Ever wanted to know what it's like to prepare for a phone interview with Google? How much preparation is enough? What should you focus on? Well, I don't have an official answer for either question. What I can offer though, is a brief overview of how I prepared for my interview and a pool of resources that I found to be helpful.

19 Feb 2014

Hello Blog! View Comments  «  personal 

My first ever blog post. I might as well start out with a brief introduction about myself, my work, and my hobbies.