Code & Software

A select sample of my software projects are available below. If interested, you can find other projects that I've created and/or contributed to on Github and googlecode.

Unless otherwise noted, all code and software packages are provided "AS IS" and without warranty of any kind. Please refer to each project for further licensing details.


The product of my PhD dissertation. VLSA is a system for identifying latent attributes in video scenes, focusing on the mental states of participating actors. The main idea is to use information acquired from large collections of text corpora to help infer latent attributes in video scenes. We do this by using explicit features of videos, such as detections about the activities and actors, to query large text corpora, and from the resulting texts extract attributes that are latent in the videos, such as actors' mental states.
code | VLSA-datasets ]


A gesture/action recognition package that implements the frequency forest action recognition model, which is based on the Subspace Forest model. The project was written in Python and MATLAB, and also includes bounding-box annotation data for the KTH-Actions dataset.
code | KTH-data ]


A Scala port of the word2vec model. This Scala interface allows users to access the trained vector representation of the word2vec toolkit. Note that it does NOT implement the training algorithms, but does include several useful word-operations (such as distance, analogy, etc.).
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This maven package provides Scala implementations of several common web search APIs (e.g., Google, Bing, Faroo, and Twitter search/stream). You will need to provide your own API keys!
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This is a Mac OSX compatible version of the original SwiRL system, developed by Mihai Surdeanu. The code was verified to build in OSX Snow Leopard, using gcc 4.2.1.
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A C++ wrapper of SISTA's NL processors documents (written in Scala). This interface allows users to load documents annotated using processors into SwiRL for semantic roles labeling, which has the advantage of using CoreNLP's POS tagger and named-entity recognizer to bootstrap SwiRL.
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A LaTeX thesis template for graduate students at The University of Arizona. This version was last updated in 2013 to match current Graduate College requirements.
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